Power-Up Digital Games Conference Adds Much More To Guest Speaking Roster, Official Theme, and Charity Donations!

DATE:             July 12th, 2016

CONTACT:     Jesse Collins; CEO of Zettabyte Marketing

PHONE:           770-608-9449

E-MAIL:          jesse@zettabytemarketing.com



Power-Up Digital Games Conference Adds Much More To Guest Speaking Roster, Official Theme, and Charity Donations!


Tuesday, July 12th, 2016— Zettabyte Marketing and PowerUp Games is pleased to announce an additional list of Guest Speakers to the Power-Up Digital Games Conference (July 25th to July 31st, on the chat app “Discord” at this server: https://discord.gg/0zOvygyBhVrogzl2). In addition to the already outstanding roster, the PUDGC will bring in some more leaders of the industry to discuss their wisdom, knowledge, and expertise. Because of this trend, the official theme of the very first PUDGC will be “Words Of Wisdom”. Guest speakers and featured discussions will be dedicated to helping educate and to give as much experience as possible for those that are willing to listen. Scheduling and itinerary will be updated to have all panels and discussions prior to the Conference, so keep a look out!


Among our new Special Guests is Frank O’Connor, the Franchise Development Director for the Halo series at 343 Industries. In the past, he worked at Bungie as a content manager all the way back to Halo 2. With 20 years experience in the industry, he stands as a known head working on the Halo games and is able to give insight on development as a medium.


The PDGC is also pleased to announce a round table panel with the two heads of Major Games, Connor Van Dyke (President) and Gabriel Orlandelli (Lead Designer). They will be discussing their game “BiT Evolution” and their upcoming game “Vectromirror”, as well as the future of Major Games.


In addition, Rebecca Heineman will speak about her experience creating “The Bard’s Tale III”, helping found Interplay Productions, and discuss game creation and writing. She brings many years of experience to the table, including being a board member for IGDA Seattle and many titles over year years.


Among the new additions are Chris Pusczak (CEO, SymbioVR), Renee Gittins (CEO, Stumbling Cat), Steven Giddings (CEO of ESportsFamily and the Former CEO of Operation Supply Drop), Dave Oshry (CEO of New Blood Interactive), and Joerg Droege (Journalist, Scene World Magazine). Each speaker brings with them years of experience and wisdom and will share their thoughts in discussion during the Conference.


Along with the announced theme and the growing number of participants speaking during the event, we are also proud to announce the Power-Up Digital Games Conference GoFundMe! The organizers of the PUDGC have chosen four of their favorite charities to support during the Conference: The IGDA Foundation (An off shoot of the IGDA), The AbleGamers Foundation (Supporting disabled gamers), Child’s Play (Supporting children’s hospitals), and Operation Supply Drop (Giving entertainment to American troops). Since the entire event is voluntary and free, a small portion of proceeds will also go to Zettabyte Marketing. Jesse Collins, CEO of Zettabyte Marketing and the Host of the PUDGC, spoke on the donations, “We sat down and carefully chose each charity and how much each one should get out of the donation split. I hope to hit our goal and go way past it to be able to give more to each cause!”


The link to the GoFundMe is: https://www.gofundme.com/pudgc


About The Power-Up Digital Games Conference


The Power-Up Digital Games Conference is the brainchild of Jesse Collins (CEO, Zettabyte Marketing) in conjunction with PowerUp Games as a way to connect with developers and anyone willing to learn. The first PUDGC will be held July 25th to 31st, as a 24/7 around the clock event. The initial conference will include over 20 different speakers across the week, with discussions scattered throughout.


About Zettabyte Marketing, PR, and Communications


Founded by Jesse Collins, Zettabyte is dedicated to enriching the lives of indie developers, by helping small time devs get a foothold in the industry through proper marketing and public relations tactics. He believes that no game is too small. Just because this game isn’t the AAA title of the century, doesn’t mean your next title won’t be. Newcomers to the industry need to be nourished and accepted. Jesse brings with him nearly a decade of experience and hopes to help the industry grow with his expertise.


About PowerUp Games


Established in 2006, PowerUp Games was founded on the principle that a large number of game developers got their start as game testers. Quality assurance testers need to know how to properly test games and PowerUp Games is the best way to go. Millions of gamers out there have a fantasy of making it big creating games, or just working alongside them. PowerUp does just that; Put them in the right direction to do the best that they can, while giving helpful tips and advice full of words of wisdom.


For questions regarding the Power-Up Digital Games Conference, to request an interview or comment from either Jesse or Brad, or to ask for more details concerning the press release, please contact Jesse Collins at (770) 608-9449 or jesse@zettabytemarketing.com. For any other information, check out the sites at www.zettabytemarketing.com and www.powerupgames.com, or check the main page for the registration at https://zettabytempr.wordpress.com/conference/ . Otherwise, check out our Twitter: @ZettabyteMPR and use #pudgc!


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