Zettabyte MPR Announces Power-Up Digital Games Conference II: The Devs Strike Back!

DATE:             October 31st, 2016

CONTACT:     Jesse Collins; CEO of Zettabyte MPR, LLC

PHONE:          770-608-9449

E-MAIL:           jesse@zettabytemarketing.com



Zettabyte MPR Announces Power-Up Digital Games Conference II: The Devs Strike Back!

Monday, October 31st, 2016— Zettabyte MPR, LLC is proud to announce the second Power-Up Digital Games Conference (PDGC). The FREE event will take place on the chat app Discord (https://discordapp.com/invite/pdgc) from February 2nd to 5th (Thursday to Sunday).

The theme will focus on the development process and give budding developers more of a chance to shine and show off their projects and what they can really do. The guest speakers will give their words of advice and insight, as before, while many of them will delve into the development cycle, proper project management, marketing, the basics, and even the more advanced necessities. This will culminate to a single theme that Zettabyte MPR has dubbed the “PDGC II: The Devs Strike Back!”.

The Conference (otherwise known as the PDGC) is a free event to help educate and inspire new developers, indie developers, aspiring game testers, or anyone willing to listen to words of wisdom among the industry. No travel, no hotels, no need to leave the house. “Since it’s on Discord, you can attend via your computer or your smartphone,” Jesse Collins, CEO of Zettabyte MPR, LLC and founder of the PDGC delightfully exclaimed. “It’s not often you can attend a Conference in your jammies.”

The first PDGC, themed “Words of Wisdom”, took place last July during a 24/7, week-long extravaganza. Between a whopping total of 27 talks among the most outstanding and knowledgeable speakers, the event was successful, even though there was: zero budget, a minimal volunteer staff, and the help of some great partnerships.

This year, the PDGC is expected to be more eventful and full of guest speakers. During the first PDGC, 22 special guests attended and spoke (sometimes more than once), giving their expert opinions and experiences to newcomers in the games industry and anyone just willing to learn. Out of those, we have confirmed 16 of them will be joining the PDGC again:

In addition to the returning guests, the PDGC II will feature an additional slew of nine newcomers to the PDGC, including:

During the event, developers will have the ability to show off their games and projects via a 96-hour stream, hosted on Twitch by Zettabyte MPR and Right on Chime. This will allow people to showcase their work and even ask for feedback during the Conference. More details on how to submit games will come before February.

In addition to the Conference, there will be a GoFundMe set up for donations to great causes. Proceeds will be split between Stack-Up, IGDA Foundation, and Zettabyte MPR at different percentages that will be determined at a later date. “Since the entire event is free, we want to show a way to give back to the community and maybe keep our own lights on in the process,” Jesse Collins said. “This allows us to help our friends at both Stack-Up and the IGDA Foundation, while not taking away from the spirit of the Conference itself.”

Attendance to the PDGC is 100% FREE, but Zettabyte MPR still recommends registering for the event, as it has its own perks. There are three different types of registrations: Attendee, Featured Speaker, or Press and Media, which all can pre-register via e-mail to jesse@zettabytemarketing.com with the proper information needed.

About Power-Up Digital Games Conference


The PDGC is a completely free digital conference utilizing the chat app Discord that gathers together some of the most renowned and experienced names in the games industry to give their wisdom to whoever is willing to listen. Taking place across multiple days, the events include a fundraiser, game developer talk, as well as plenty of giveaways.


About Zettabyte MPR, LLC


Founded by Jesse Collins, Zettabyte is dedicated to enriching the lives of indie developers, by helping small time devs get a foothold in the industry through proper marketing and public relations tactics, or even through digital keynotes. He believes that no game is too small. Just because a game isn’t the AAA title of the century, doesn’t mean your next title won’t be. Newcomers to the industry need to be nourished and accepted. Jesse brings with him nearly a decade of experience and hopes to help the industry grow with his expertise.


For additional details or questions regarding the Power-Up Digital Games Conference or Zettabyte MPR, LLC, to request an interview from Jesse Collins (CEO, Zettabyte MPR, LLC), or any other inquiries, please contact Jesse at jesse@zettabytemarketing.com or call (770)608-9449. For any other information, head to http://zettabytemarketing.com/.


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