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This remark takes serious account of contemporary writing at the Odes. It offers with certain questions of interpretation, and indicates how Horace mixed the tact of a court-poet with a humane individualism, and the way he wrote inside a literary culture with out wasting a hugely own voice. although the e-book isn't meant for newcomers, the editors goal all through at readability.

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For a more realistic view cf. Theoc. 21. 2 f. ïPäb ªaæ åoäåØí = IíäæÜóØí KæªÆôßíÆØóØ ŒÆŒÆd ðÆæÝ÷ïíôØ ìÝæØìíÆØ. The function of virorum, which is not necessary with agrestium, is to underline the toughness of the rustic life; cf. Xen. oec. 5. 4, Cato, agr. praef. 4 ‘at ex agricolis et viri fortissimi et milites strenuissimi gignuntur’, Virg. georg. 2. 167, 472, 531 ff. H is associating himself with the agrestes viri; cf. serm. 2. 6. 79 ff. (on the Country Mouse), epist. 1. 10. 2. For lenis cf.

For the application of the theme to literature cf. Ar. ran. 354 ff. åPçìåEí ÷æc ŒIîßóôÆóŁÆØ ôïEò ™ìåôÝæïØóØ ÷ïæïEóØí = ‹óôØò ¼ðåØæïò ôïØHíäå ºüªøí j ªíþìfi ç ìc ŒÆŁÆæåýåØ = j ªåííÆßøí ZæªØÆ MïıóHí ìÞôš åräåí ìÞôš K÷üæåıóåí, Gell. praef. 20 f. ), and already Porph. sees a metaphor from the mysteries; for the pattern cf. the Orphic testamenta fr. 247. 1 Kern ŁÝªîïìÆØ ïx ò ŁÝìØò Kóôß, ŁýæÆò äš KðߣåóŁå, âÝâçºïØ. Porph. interprets the metaphor by indoctos and Musarum profanos, and no doubt H has been influenced by Callimachean manifestos about poetry; cf.

V. Po¨schl, HSCP 63, 1958: 333 ff. ¼ Horazische Lyrik edn. ; E. T. Silk, YClS 13, 1952: 145 ff. ; F. Solmsen, AJP 68, 1947: 337 ff. ; T. Woodman ap. ] 1–8. Let the uninitiated depart; I am teaching new chants to a fresh generation. Know that even dread kings must fear the rule of Jove. 9–16. Men compete in landed wealth and political advantages, but high and low alike are subject to Fate. 17–24. The overweening cannot enjoy their luxury or be lulled to sleep even by music, but sleep does not disdain lowly dwellings and a shady valley.

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