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Another type of link is a broadcast link that passes information from sensors onboard the UAV to multiple authorized receivers at ground locations. Satellites with military sensors, manned aircraft carrying remotely controlled EW assets, and remotely controlled ground-based EW systems have the same types of links. 22. Both links carry the same information in most cases. 3 Communication Bands Military communication is in the high-frequency (HF), very-high-frequency (VHF), ultra-high-frequency (UHF), or microwave-frequency ranges.

If the collected parameters do not match any parameter sets in the TID, the signal type is declared to be unknown. In some modern systems, the computer goes on to determine the closest fit to force an identification. RWR displays have classically involved a three-inch round tube in the cockpit that displays the location of threats. The first such displays showed strobes on the screen in the direction of the threat emitter-with the nose of the aircraft represented by the top of the screen. , dashed lines) and in a so-called billboard display that had small square buttons that lit up to show that a specific threat type was present.

It can see high-flying aircraft (there will only be a few in the blue water situation), and it can see surface radars within 10 km. ) However, the individual threats to the ship are extremely lethal because of the ship’s limited mobility. 30 shows a block diagram of a typical shipboard ESM system. The four antennas feeding the wideband receiver are similar to those in the airborne RWR. Their purpose is to quickly acquire close-in threats. They are extremely important close to land (in the so-called littoral or brown water environment).

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