A Guide to Safe Handling of Hazardous Materials Accidents - download pdf or read online

By American Society for Testing and Materia

ISBN-10: 080311415X

ISBN-13: 9780803114159

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Water Reactive A solid which will chemically react with water to become spontaneously flammable or to give off flammable or toxic gases in dangerous quantities. BULKSHIPMENTS Phosphorus and sodium are two major materials classed as flammable solids that are shipped in bulk. Exposure of phosphorus to air will result in ignition of the phosphorus. If a tank containing phosphorus is opened in an accident, fire will occur. This fire should be fought with dirt or sand, preferably wet. The phosphorus should be contained by dikes so located that the burning phosphorus will not excessively heat the tank.

Do you know how to safely accomplish what you want to do? [ ] Have You Contacted Facility or Carrier Supervisors a n d Discussed Your Proposed Response with Them Before Taking Action? [ ] Use Personal Protective Equipment, Which Should Include Protective Clothing and Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus. 9 Protective clothing is not universal for hazardons material spills. Make certain your equipment, including gloves and boots, are those recommended by the manufacturer for the material involved in the spill.

9 If nothing is to be gained, do not get directly involved. Seek additional assistance. [ ] Priority for Your Direct Involvement in a Hazardous Materials Incident: 9 People Are people exposed to risk? Can people trapped or exposed to risk be safely removed from the danger area? If you must enter the danger area to rescue people, can you move them to safety without becoming trapped, injured, or killed yourself? Are response personnel trained for this type of emergency? How will you protect yourself and those you hope to rescue from the harmful effects of the hazardous materials involved?

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