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From sweeping ardour to taut suspense, Judith McNaught has entertained hundreds of thousands with a gorgeous array of feelings in 9 marvelous bestsellers. during this loved vintage, "one of the easiest ever" (Rendezvous), defiant hearts conflict in a livid conflict of wills -- in an excellent age of chivalry.
kidnapped from her convent tuition, headstrong Scottish good looks Jennifer Merrick doesn't simply hand over to Royce Westmoreland, Duke of Claymore. referred to as "The Wolf," his very identify moves terror within the hearts of his enemies. yet proud Jennifer may have not anything to do with the fierce English warrior who holds her captive, this good-looking rogue who name callings her along with his blazing vanity. Boldly she demanding situations his will...until the evening he's taking her in his robust embody, awakening in her an impossible to resist starvation. And unexpectedly Jennifer reveals herself ensnared in a bewildering web...a seductive, risky catch of satisfaction, ardour, loyalty, and overwhelming love.

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It is in the nature of simulacra not to tolerate either that exegesis which believes in signs or that virtue which loves humanity. Catholics scrutinize signs. Calvinists have no trust at all in them, because they only believe in the election of souls. But what if we were neither signs nor souls, but merely the same as ourselves (neither visible sons of o u r works, nor predestined), and thereby torn apart in xxxiii the discrete distance of the simulacrum? Well, the point is that the signs and destiny of m an supposedly no longer have a com m on ground; the point is that the Edict of Nantes supposedly was revoked; that we are henceforth in the void left behind by the division of Christian theology;"’ and that on this deserted earth (which might indeed be rich from this abandonm ent) we can turn our ears to the words of Hôlderlin: “Zeichen sind wir, bedeutungslos,” and perhaps still beyond, to all those great and fleeting simulacra that made the gods sparkle in the rising sun or shine like great silver arches in the heart of the night.

T he lay Brother suspected that what appeared before his eyes, the ornaments as well as the taberna­ cle’s mechanism, had been shown by the Brother de Malvoisie to the young Lord of Beauséant, perhaps to prepare him for the rank of squire, in accordance with a ritual from which the lay Brethren were rigorously excluded; he swore to himself not to breathe a word of this to anyone, and already had one foot off the flagstones of the landing, beginning to descend the narrow staircase, when casting a last glance behind him towards the throne, he discerned between the back of the chair and the wall what he thought to be the hastily hidden pieces of the black habit of the pages of the Tem ple, as well as the surcoat and breeches; as he drew them from their hiding places, a glove fell to the floor; picking it up he noticed that in the hollow of one finger lay a ring; once extracted, it shone with 25 a diam ond engraved with the arms of the Temple.

T h u s assured of being u n o b ­ served in the passageway of the cloister where the two of them stood, he bowed before the Lord of Beauséant and, having grasped the young boy’s right hand, kissed it with an air of hum ility that the lay Brother deemed false, out of place as it was. Later, he said, the young Beauséant appeared in different parts of the fortress dressed in livery bearing the crest of Malvoisie; and he was am ong the cup-bearers at suppertime. Shortly after com pline he reported to the gates of the third enceinte, under the pretext of bearing a message from Brother de Malvoisie to deliver outside; the officer of the guard, seeing him on horseback but w ithout the C om m ander’s safe-conduct, refused to lower the drawbridge.

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