A Mapmaker's Dream: The Meditations of Fra Mauro, by James Cowan PDF

By James Cowan

ISBN-10: 1590305205

ISBN-13: 9781590305201

In sixteenth-century Venice, in an island monastery, a cloistered monk stories the journey of a lifetime—all in the confines of his telephone. half ancient fiction, half philosophical secret, A Mapmaker's Dream tells the tale of Fra Mauro and his fight to gain his life's paintings: to make an ideal map—one that represents the complete breadth of production. information of Mauro's tasks draws explorers, pilgrims, tourists, and retailers, all desirous to give a contribution their debts of remote humans and areas. As he listens to the stories of the unusual and magnificent issues they have noticeable, Mauro involves regard the area as even more than continents and kingdoms: that it's also made of an enormous and both actual inside panorama of ideals, aspirations, and goals. Mauro's map grows and takes form, turning into either extra whole and incomprehensible. within the method, the limits of Mauro's international are driven to the intense, elevating questions on the connection among illustration, mind's eye, and the character of fact itself.

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