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By Jamgon Ameshap Ngawang Sonam

ISBN-10: 1559393386

ISBN-13: 9781559393386

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This sentence is not actually mentioned in the text, but should be included here. This line is not mentioned in the text, but should be included here. The text mistakenly has dbang (initiation), instead of the correct sa (level). The text says "sambhogakaya," but this should be understood to mean "dharmakaya" and applies to the previous third initiation. This point is explained in the commentaries. The text does nor actually mention the last phrase, "there is the path that totally purifies existence," bur it should be included here.

The essence, the nature, and the characteristic. 343 Those complete the presentation as the three (extensive, medium, and condensed) paths. The presentation as the profound, medium, and inferior paths This has three topics: the superior, which is the profound path of the guruyoga; the medium, which is the path of the sacred commitments and vows; and the inferior, which is analytic cessation on the basis of the body, the path of the five dependently arisen connections. The first is presented by: The profound path of the master.

363 2. The four level/ ofthe secret initiation This also has four topics: a. The presentation of the causes b. The presentation of the signs c. The presentation of the result d. The presentation of a final summary a. The causes This consists ofboth the eventual causes and the immediate causes. For the eventual causes, there are both the initiation and the path. The initiation is presented by: The secret initiation that purifies the voice is perfected. 364 The path is presented by: Through the path of the stages of self-blessing, ...

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