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By Valerie Charlton (auth.), Aubrey Milunsky MB.B.Ch., D.Sc., F.R.C.P., D.C.H., Emanuel A. Friedman M.D., Sc.D., Louis Gluck M.D. (eds.)

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The country of overall healthiness care is mirrored via perinatal and neonatal morbidity and mortality in addition to by means of the frequencies of long term neurologic and developmental issues. Many elements, a few with out instantly rec­ ognizable value to childbearing and plenty of nonetheless unknown, undoubt­ edly give a contribution beneficially or adversely to the end result of being pregnant. wisdom about the impression of such elements at the fetus and sur­ viving boy or girl is necessary. Confounding analyses of being pregnant end result, specifically those prior or 3 a long time, are the consequences of newly un­ dertaken invasive or inactive healing methods coupled with the appearance of excessive expertise. many inventions were brought with­ out severe efforts to guage their impression prospectively and objectively. the results of healing misadventures characterised the previous; it kind of feels they've been changed to a point by way of a number of the problems of utilized expertise. Examples abound: after overuse of oxygen was once well-known to reason retrolental fibroplasia, its restrict resulted in an in­ crease in either neonatal demise premiums and neurologic harm in surviving babies. management of diet okay to avoid neonatal hemorrhagic affliction, really while given in what we now comprehend as over the top dos­ age, sometimes led to kernicterus. Prophylactic sulfonamide use had an identical outcome. newer is the commentary of bronchopul­ monary dysplasia as a difficulty of respirator remedy for hyaline membrane disease.

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001. compared with time O. = 12; glucose dose was 2 g/kg. 1). Although the intestinal doses were still excessive, they appeared better tolerated than those given intra-amniotically. 2. Intragastric Infusions Amino acids and glucose have also been infused, to excess, into the ovine fetal stomach and enteral uptake rates measured. 99 We found GI uptake of amino acids to average 45% of normal umbilical amino acid uptake and GI uptake of glucose to average 42% of normal umbilical glucose uptake. 4 mg/min for glucose were observed.

Those studies that have found only minor developmental or no differences between growth-retarded and appropriately grown newborns have usually been those with a more liberal definition of growth retardation. 6 It is, in fact, the severity and duration of insult that determines subsequent handicap. ll In a recent study, Harvey et al. 7 followed head size in utero, by serial ultrasound measurements and determined the gestation at which head growth began to lag behind normal curves. Slowing of head growth before 26 weeks gestation was found to be associated with lower scores in perceptual performance, motor skills, and general cognitive index, when the children were tested at 5 years of age.

Res. 7: 192. 34. , 1975, Quantitative evaluation of the maternal-fetal transfer of free fatty acids in the rat, Bioi. Neonate 26:263. 35. , 1975, Evidence for increased fatty acid transfer across the placenta during a maternal fast in rabbits, Bioi. Neonate 27:50. 36. , 1980, Body lipids of guinea pigs exposed to different dietary fats from mid-gestation to three months of age. V. The fatty acid composition of the brain lipids at birth, Nutr. Metab. 24:357. 37. , 1972, Supply and utilization of acetate in mammals, Am.

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Advances in Perinatal Medicine: Volume 5 by Valerie Charlton (auth.), Aubrey Milunsky MB.B.Ch., D.Sc., F.R.C.P., D.C.H., Emanuel A. Friedman M.D., Sc.D., Louis Gluck M.D. (eds.)

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