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90 . 00 , I . , --‘. -. - -- I ,- . t . 9770. 9948 . _ . -- _ -- - . __ _ . 13) $ b&&L 4”) , m=l t=o where i. 5, = PJP, T = temperature (K), PC = critical density (see Table 2. l), P = density. 2. 5 K is assumed as the critical temperature of UF, in Malyshev’s equation of state (Eq. 13). This value differs from the one used in this report. Values of UF, compressibility calculated from Eq. 1 as a function of reduced temperature and pressure. 2. 4359 Malyshev, V. , Experimental Study of Compressibiliry of Uranium HexafIuoride Over a Broad Range of Parameters of State, Teplofizicheskie Svoistva Gazov [The Thermophysical Properties of Gases], Moscow, Nauka, 1973, pp.

It should be noted that Fig. 4 is basically a plot of Eqs. 41. 3 SOLID DENSITY . 5”C were listed. Williams fit these data to a correlation, which after unit conversion becomes* 29 \i 8 2- 0 0 0 Ln 0 / 0 0 m 0 UP? CJ 30 0 0 C-L s= Ln 0 0 0 :8. 19oT, . 4) = density (kg/mj). T = temperature (K). P The density of solid UF, predicted by Eq. 44 is shown graphically in Fig. 5 along with the available soIid density data. 4 DENSITY RECOMMENDATIONS . The Lee-Kesler correlation (Eq. 2 1) should be used to calculate the compressibility, and hence density, of both the vapor and liquid phas,esof UF,.

5. Values of Constants Used in Lee-Kesler Cotielations ~.. i _ , / . ,. 03754 . 203488 Lee, B. , and Kesler, M. G.. A Generalized‘13termodynamic CorrelationBased on Three-ParameterCorrespondingStates,AIChE Journal, Vol. 2 1, No. 31 May 1975, pp. 510-527. 21 3 Calculate Vrmfrom Eq. 5 and the same T, and P, values as in Step 1. 4. 26) 5. 1 as a function of temperature and pressure. Some hints on solving the Lee Kesler compressibility equation (Eq. 21) are presented in Appendix B. ’ This data is presented in Fig.

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