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Many texts that have since been lost are included. Photius' choice is virtually confined to prose (but for evidence that he had read Aristophanes' Ploutos see his letter no. 160). The factors governing his selection, the sources (if any) of his critical judgements, and the extent to which he relied on his memory in drafting, are questions which have still not been finally answered. On P. in general see K. Ziegler's article in Pauly-Wissowa. For his career and the composition of the Bibliotheca see H.

Stauffenberg, Die rOmische Kaisergeschichte bei Malalas, Stuttgart 1931). Bibliography: G. Moravcsik, Byzantinoturcica, Berlin 19582 I 329 ff. l'f'EV ~V >Aef]valS Kal ~V BTlpv-r~. as Bc:xAaveas 1r6i\1v, Kcxl ·o 1 cxV-r4>: 'this', as in the modern language. &vCXKooSIKEVcns: note the hybrid formation. Justinian directed the publication of a Codex in 529, then the Digest, begun in 530 and completed in 533, finally the second Codex in 634, since its predecessor was now out of date. 2 ~~~ with the dative is often used to indicate motion towards a point.

Lyvcrnos Se rnl T pa"iavov TOV Sla IJOPTVp{ov f}6AflO"EV &yoova. Jove\te•, ypaq>el. by a Syrian c. 500, enjoyed immense authority until Lorenzo Valla called them into question. 2 ~vo-raaets: 'objections', a technical term of logic and rhetoric. 4 XPfJaeoov: 'sayings', often applied by Christian writers to passages of scripture. 5 6 nallcpl:;\ov: the famous church historian was the pupil of the martyr Pampbilus, not his son, which the Greek suggests at first sight. 8 1

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