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22] The theory proposed in this paper represents a comprehensive unification program, describing all fields of the standard model and gravity as parts of a uniquely beautiful mathematical structure. The principal bundle connection and its curvature describe how the E8 manifold twists and turns over spacetime, reproducing all known fields and dynamics through pure geometry. Some aspects of this theory are not yet completely understood, and until they are it should be treated with appropriate skepticism.

Trayling, “A Geometric Approach to the Standard Model,” hep-th/9912231. [8] J. RA/0105155. [9] F. Nesti and R. 3307. [10] S. 4481. [11] F. 3978. [12] T. Gosset, “On the regular and semi-regular figures in space of n dimensions,” Messenger of Mathematics 29 (1900) 43. [13] D. 3091. [14] F. , Apr 10-12 (1980). G. Lisi, “Quantum mechanics from a universal action reservoir,” physics/0605068. W. MacDowell and F. Mansouri, “Unified Geometric Theory of Gravity and Supergravity,” Phys. Rev. Lett. 38 (1977) 739.

Finally, and most impressively, the fit of all fields of the standard model and gravity to E8 is very tight. The structure of E8 determines exactly the spinor multiplet structure of the known fermions. There are also aspects of this theory that are poorly understood. The relationship between fermion generations and triality is suggested by the structure of E8 but is not perfectly clear — a better description may follow from an improved understanding of the new w + xΦ fields and their relation to ω + eφ.

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