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By Catherine Morgan, Margarita Gleba, Deborah Harlan

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Cosmopoulos (ASA) reports(Ergon [2008], 64 80) on excavation in the BA settlement. In the S sector, inves tigationcontinuedof the layercontaining2 floorswhich bore evidence pebbles hardened of destruction by fire. beaten burnt pig and ovicaprid Both floors were made of by a layer of fire and sherds, MHIII vessels various small finds, including an earth, and earth which contained and covered bones, and and 2 biconical spindle-whorls, anchor-shaped pendant small fragments of burnt plaster. The 2 floors were separated 55.

The citywall (Fig. 59) and all visible architectural remains within itwere recorded. The residential architecture In the centre, S of the agora, phases. were apparently arranged unsystemati small in the E part of the city, residential houses were cally, whereas to have a rectilinear street grid. The city appears arranged along 2 chronological isolated buildings indicates been built in theE4thCt BC. At of a this stage, there is evidence towers and several rectangular with CATHERINEMORGAN 38 Agios Dimitrios Publication: Settlement .

The E wall is exceptionallywell preserved. It is constructedin a variant of the isodomic systemwith toolingon thevisible surfaces of the blocks and small infillings,and in one case deviation fromtheverticalityof thejointing(Fig. 48). The hairstylecopies is destroyed, that of statues older head was a recutting of an attested by other sculptures of II. The of Faustina statue of a man, a practice the4thCtAD made ina localworkshop atMessene, such as the head ofHermes (Fig. ut from statues of women were of the Hel period.

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