Alan H. Welch, Kenneth G. Stollenwerk's Arsenic in Ground Water: Geochemistry and Occurrence PDF

By Alan H. Welch, Kenneth G. Stollenwerk

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This booklet consolidates a lot of what's recognized in regards to the geochemistry of arsenic and gives new details on relationships among excessive concentrations of arsenic in flooring water and geochemical environments. the subject material of this e-book levels in scope from molecular-scale geochemical techniques that have an effect on the mobility of arsenic in flooring water, to arsenic infected flooring water on the nationwide scale. Chapters have been contributed by way of a global team of analysis scientists from a vast variety of backgrounds.

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Further complicating the problem, little thermodynamic data for metal arsenite salts exists, to our knowledge. Despite thermodynamic predictions and direct observations that metal arsenates control dissolved As concentrations under certain geochemical conditions, minerals containing As oxoanions have not been directly documented microscopically or spectroscopically in aquifer sediments, to our knowledge. Most locations where metal arsenates have been identified have the common characteristic that As porewater concentrations are extremely high.

Waychunas et al. (1993) used XAFS spectroscopy to examine structural differences between crystalline HFO phases and synthetic 2-line ferrihydrite. Fe-O and Fe-Fe bond distances in the ferrihydrite indicated that this phase had a structure similar to goethite, being composed of double chains of corner-sharing octahedra linked primarily by other corner-sharing octahedra. , 1993). Therefore, for HFO phases, as well as HMOs and HAOs, x-ray amorphous phases are not truly amorphous, but simply have smaller crystalline domains than their well-crystalline counterparts.

1999). As explained in Suarez et al. (1999), use of the species in the chemisorption equation of As(III) on am-HFO results in no net hydroxyl release and no shift in the point of zero charge, which is concordant with macroscopic titration and electrophoretic mobility measurements of As(III) on HFOs. 2. Spectroscopic Investigations of Arsenic in Solid Phases 49 Without spectroscopic information, these macroscopic observations might be taken as indicating physisorption rather than chemisorption.

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