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Colin. Concrete ground floors : their design construction and finish. BCA, third edition, 1986. H. et al. Reinforced concrete beam connections and BS8110. The Structural Engineer, February 1994. Concrete Society, Concrete industrial ground floors, Technical report No. 43, 1994. 4 DETAILING INFORMATION Design information for detailing should include: a) Layout drawings including column and wall outlines. b) Plan dimensions including depth and level. c) Dimensions and positions of kickers (standard kicker height below ground 150mm, above ground 75mm).

15). 15) (to account for adoption of grade 500 reinforcing steel). o Removal of durability tables to align code with European standards via the use of BS 8500: 2002. BS 8666: 2000 replaces BS 4466, conforming with new ISO and European standards. e. 5 fy, 27 000 max. 5 fy, 20 000 max. 5 fy, 27 000 max. 5 fy, 27 000 max. 5 fy, 20 000 max. e. 5 fy, 186 max. 5 fy, 138 max. 5 fy, 186 max. 5 fy, 186 max. 5 fy, 138 max. 5 fy, 207 max. 5 fy, 159 max. (compression) 138 max. 5 fy, 30 000 max. 5 fy, 23 000 max.

F) Reinforcement // to x axis and // to y axis, clearly relating to layout drawings. This should include: The number of and pitch of bars Type of reinforcement Diameter of bars Direction of bottom bars If standard pile cap : No. 6, Design Notes). g) Reinforcement for starter bars and links. This should include: The number and position of bars The type of reinforcement and bond characteristics. h) Band width details of reinforcement when required (Cl. 2). i) Details of 'L' bends. These are only required if anchorage length necessary exceeds the length between the face of the column or wall and the edge of foundation (Cl.

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